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Media Conversions

Convert Tape To DVD or File

Scan Photos or Slides

Convert Tape To DVD or File

  Do you have memorable home movies on tapes that just sit in a closet or on a shelf never viewed? Thinking of the fun family home movies captured years ago but never watched because it's such a hassle? Convert your once in a lifetime memories to DVD and watch them with ease!

  We can convert all of your VHS, Mini DV or Super 8 home movies to DVD. If you need a video file (.mp4 or .mov) instead that is not a problem. Please note that all home movie conversions are performed on-premise. Your precious home movie tapes will not be mailed to a third party. 

  Your DVD will contain a menu and can be divided into chapters. Chapters enable you to go directly to a specific moment on the DVD. Relive your 1967 wedding - so romantic! View your daughter's first birthday party - priceless! Return to your 2002 Hawaii family reunion - reminisce!

  What joy to share your precious memories easily with family and friends.

  In addition, we can provide you with a "Best Of" DVD which will include highlights from all of your tapes.

  Check out the "Best Of" demo below.

Tape Conversion Rates


Up to 30 Minutes          $15.00

Up to 60 Minutes          $20.00

Up to 120 Minutes        $25.00

Over 120 Minutes         $25.00 plus

$10.00 for each 60 Min over 120 Min (or part)

Chapter Markers = $4.00 per marker

"Best Of" DVD = up to 2 hour DVD (no charge for markers) = $300.00

JRP's Personal Touch consists of:

 *Color Correcting Video

 *Removing "hash", tape defects and video recorded unknowingly

Scan Photos or Slides 

   Do you have some precious pictures you would like saved onto your computer? 

  We can scan them for you and put them safely on a CD or DVD for safekeeping. 

  Once scanned we can provide the files in whatever format is best for you. 

  Please contact us to discuss rates for your specific job.

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